These people will not be victimized with a Boomerang on their bike

Don’t Be Another Victim of Bike Theft.

Place Boomerang CycloTrac on your bike with anti-theft screws, set alarm on your smart phone and walk away. If your bike is disturbed, the thief will hear an audio alarm and you will receive an alert telling you your bike is being tampered with. GPS tracks bike within 10’ if thief gets away.

Use It. Or Lose It.

Boomerang keeps pretty much anything safe. Track practically anything within a cellular signal and outside a non-fully metal enclosure.

Why is Boomerang So Good
at Stopping Theft?

Boomerang prevents theft before it happens. Police and security professionals say it deters thieves because it’s visible, makes noise when moved and has blinking LED’s. Thieves will choose the easier option and avoid a Boomerang equipped bike (along with a tough chain or Ulock).

Track What Matters.

Bonus Feature! Miles ridden today. Miles ridden last month. Training time recorded. Calculating how much gas money you saved. Carbon offset. Tracking other family members. CycloTrac is a new level of personal performance. Easy to understand interface

Tested and Trusted

A growing number of organizations and publications have put Boomerang to the test and found an effective technology to reign in bike theft once and for all.

Point of Purchase

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