Theft Prevention 101:
Boomerang CycloTrac

Keep the bike you love.

Register your bike
and take photo

The first step in any anti-theft strategy is to register your bike’s serial number and photo at the National Bike Registry.
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Buy a good
quality Lock

A CycloTrac helps deter theft bybeing visible and reliable, but a good lock never hurt anyone. Heavy-duty U-locks and jacketed hardened chain locks are ideal.


Learn the best ways to secure your bike. A few simple techniques make it harder for thieves to get your bike.

Buy a Boomerang

Discourage thieves with anti- theft labeling, an audible alarm and real time SMS alerts. Track them via GPS anywhere there is a cell signal.

How to prevent bike theft

Deterrence is half the battle. Former bike thieves have confirmed that the “path of least resistance”
is the methodology they used when stealing bikes. The bike that gets stolen is the bike that is the easiest to steal. A bike with a good lock in a visible, well populated area is less
likely to be stolen than one locked with a padlock in an alley.

Here are some tips and techniques you can follow to prevent your bike from being stolen:

Lock your bike with a good quality, visible bike lock.
Always make sure you secure the frame when using a lock. Just putting the lock around
the wheel doesn’t provide nearly as much protection.
Take your bike indoors if possible. Many merchants understand why you
may wheel your bike inside while grabbing coffee or a meal.
Park in a visible spot where there are lots of people around.
Customize your bike by adding color or stickers for easy identification.
Park your bike near nicer bikes to make your bike less of a target.
Don’t park or lock your bike in the same location everyday.
Never leave your bike out overnight at work or school