Why eBike Owners Love Boomerang

The most responsive group of Boomerang CycloTrac sales are eBike owners. New eBike
manufacturer FLX quickly sold out their orders of CycloTrac’s due to their customers’ desire to hang
on to their beautiful new pricey rigs – some over $1,500. These owners now have the confidence to
park their eBike at school, on a car bike rack while shopping, at their apartments or even on
a commuter train.


Why eBike Manufacturers Love Boomerang


We couldn’t have said it better. “Every minute a bicycle is stolen. The Boomerang is the missing link in bicycle security. Locks are an important deterrent, but if they are cut, the chances of getting the bike back is fewer than 5%. The Boomerang not only adds another layer of deterrence by sounding an alarm if the bicycle is moved, but the GPS feature allows the owner to track down the bicycle and recover it. With this kind of technology now available, why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment by adding Boomerang to your bicycle or electric bike? – Douglas Schwartz, President, ELV Motors, Inc.