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“Thanks to Boomerang, I still have my bike”
– Rocky, Cyclist

“It’s an effective theft deterrent”
– Lisa, Ebike owner

“Boomerang protects it”
– Chris, Ebike owner

“Boomerang makes sure my Stromer ST-1 is still here”
– Edward, Cyclist

‘I’m a Huge Fan!’

I have now been using the device for upwards of a year and I am still thrilled with it. There is nothing like the Boomerang on the market at all. It works flawlessly and gives me amazing peace of mind. I am a HUGE fan!

John W., Tampa, FL

‘A pretty impressive product’

All things considered, this is a pretty impressive product. It’s being sold as a cycling security device, but you could toss it into a backpack, put it under your car seat, or connect it to other theft-worthy items for similar alerts and tracking.

‘100% Effective’

“Every bike theft attempt with a Cyclotrac has deterred the thief. Even though we are just getting CycloTrac’s into the marketplace, customers have reported about a dozen bike theft attempts
and 100% of the bike thieves run away once the alarm sounds.”
– Kevin Fahrner, President Boomerang Bike

‘Peace of mind’

“As a bicycle rider in San Francisco I have always been afraid of leaving my bike parked anywhere outside, regardless of the very strong U-lock that I use. The device gives me peace of mind knowing that if someone tampers with my bike I will know about it right away. I highly recommend Boomerang as an additional layer of protection – Tom P. San Francisco

‘My bike will be there’

“After seeing the Boomerang CycloTrac featured in the local newspaper, I quickly purchased one. I live in an apartment with limited storage space and my bike is stored in a community garage that is not totally secure. This provides me the peace of mind that my bike will be there for my daily commute. – John M. San Diego.”

‘My Electric Bike is Safe’

“I have been using the boomerang for over two years and it works great !!! The GPS system with the alarm system gives me peace of ming knowing that my electric bike is safe. It charges up very quick and it calculates my trips accurately.” – John Henderson, Nevada

‘Dear E-Bike Owners’

“In May of 2016 I purchased an e-bike from FLX with a Boomerang Cyclotrac for my e-bike in Florida. I liked the bikes and Boomerang CycloTrac so much I bought 2 more this year for my bikes in Chicago!” – J Adams

‘Raging Success’

“Thanks for all the help in getting and setting up the Cyclotrac. I did a lot of online research before deciding to go with the Boomerang GPS tracker. I finally decided that you seemed to have the longest track record of producing this type of product in a very new market. The ability to potentially track my bike if it is stolen is a real game changer for me.

I set everything up today and I am happy to report that it all seems to be working as promised. The tracker app shows my bike comfortably in my garage. When I armed the system and moved the bike around, the alarm sounded and I received a text message almost right away. I have not actually gotten an email alarm notice yet after about 45 minutes but the text message is certainly sufficient warning.

So thanks again and keep up the good work. I hope Boomerang bike is a raging success.

Thanks in advance if you can drop me the two additional screws.” – Dick A., Cyclist

‘I was surprised’

“I was surprised to find that I especially like the fact that CycloTrac beeps and blinks when disturbed which even a stupid thief would realize was not a good thing to be messing with. I think I read something about this being a deterrent. All in all I feel you have a winning product, which I have been telling anyone I meet who is interested. The main thing now is to make more people aware that it exists. I am using it on my new $3k Trek e-bike.” – Mike H., Cyclist

‘Ground breaking tech’

“There are 3 types of new ground breaking tech I have purchased over the past 5 years. One is your Boomerang Bike Alarm. All have gone through trials and tribulations of their own, all have always been there for me when I needed them. I’m not only happy about the free upgrade but most of all I’m happy you folks are ready to really take off now. I have already posted a positive back story for you folks on Facebook and always recommend you folks when people ask what it is on our bikes. Chris and I look forward to the new units.” – Bill, Cyclist

‘I recovered my stolen bike’

“Don’t know if I am your first. My FLX was stolen yesterday.
Boomerang was charged up and activated. It sent me a signal, but I was in a meeting and did not have my phone on me. But 6 hours later when I did look at the phone, it told me where the bike was. My wife drove me there. When we arrived the bike was standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Two policemen had a guy in handcuffs. I could not believe the police were that efficient.Especially since I hadn’t even called them. Turns out the not so bright crook also stole a brand new BMW. He was putting the bike onto the car rack on the car. The cops thought it was suspicious, so they ran the plates and figured out this was a bad guy. Anyway, I have my bike back.” – Rocky B., West Los Angeles

Video Testimonial Rocky B.

‘I got a solid week of battery life’

“Hey Boomerang Team: I’m just about done with the Boomerang, yes – pretty happily surprised! I got a solid week of battery life out of it, and it’s done a good job holding up to Portland’s rainy season. The app has a lot more functionality to it than I expected. It looks like you have put a lot of work in there. My plan here is to write up and post a review within the next week or so and link to your campaign in that review.” – Bryan, Bike Index

‘Great product!’

“My Boomerang has arrived…and I’m liking it so far! It was very easy to install, and I’ve ordered a bottle holder to add as camouflage. I get a text message if the bike moves, and I can locate the bike using the smartphone app. Great product!” – Paul Cook-Giles

‘I’m enjoying the two Boomerang units’

“I’m enjoying the two Boomerang units on the Radrover ebikes. I’ve put around 1600 miles between both bikes since Sept/2016 with fun rides, dusty trail riding, and work commuting around town. I have taken the units/ebikes out of state to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ, for vacation. I haven’t had an issue with anyone tampering with either bike, false alarms, or issues tracking my bike with the iPhone or web app. I even had a trip from Albuquerque to Denver a few weeks ago and I removed the Boomerang from my bike and placed the unit in the hatch of my SUV to use a vehicle tracker (I have a 12v plug in the hatch to re-charge as needed when on the road). I don’t have any flights planned; but, I don’t see why I couldn’t place in a suit case just to make sure nothing gets lost along the way. I have 5-6 more out of town trips with and without the bikes over the next 6 months” –M. Robert G.

‘The Whole Thing’

“Anyways, after taking it around for the last week or so, I have to say you guys did an awesome job! Loving the whole thing.” –Sean M., Santa Barbara

‘Don’t Think Twice’

“Had 3 bikes stolen within my lifetime and obviously each time was a frustrating moment. Did a Google search and found this. Didn’t think twice about this purchase. Glad I did and am very happy.” –Kerry S., Amazon Customer

‘Works Exactly’

“Painless installation, good phone app interface, works exactly as expected!” –Amazon Customer

‘You really need this device!’

“I bought this to protect my new FLX bike. It is a terrific device – I almost wish someone would try stealing the bike so that they get a nice surprise. It is held in place with screws that have nonstandard heads (not slot or phillips head) which makes it difficult for a thief to easily remove it. The app has a lot of great features as well. If you have a relatively expensive bike you really need this device!” –Mystery Fan, Amazon Customer

‘I now see the need for security!’

“I will soon order another Boomerang since I have three bikes. On Feb. 22 2017 I had my $1000 bike stolen and I now see the need for security. It happenened in broad daylight download Salem, Oregon. Thank you again.” –CHRIS M., Cyclist

‘Thank you!’

“Thank you very much Boomerang! It is truly a revolutionary product.” –Etezad M., Cyclist

‘They can be reached anywhere’

“Boomerang vs Other GPS devices.
I have two other GPS devices. The first device is specific to bicycle and the second an ultra small generic GPS / Cellular device. Neither one has the critical feature of Boomerang. They lack audible alert. I think that’s a killer feature like a car alarm. Without it, even if you find out that your bike was stolen, the thief would just take the bike a couple of miles away then take the time to remove the device. It’s really not a deterrent if it doesn’t make a loud sound. The second handle bar embedded device is very hard to comprehend. It has a battery and a cellular radio but how do they expect to get adequate antenna performance inside a bicycle handle? The assumption that bike handles don’t have any metal because even a little bit of metal (like metal flakes in some composites) in that scenario would completely detune the antenna and kill the performance. Further, even if the device works in the handle when no one is riding the bike, it could stop working as a tracking device once the rider (or thief) grabs the handles thereby damping all signals. The ultra small is different. They are going for small. I get that because small is cool. But again, multiple band (cellular, Bluetooth, GPS) antenna performance in that size will be limited. Additionally, they are not guiding the user on how and where to mount the device so the product orientation could be in any direction with completely unpredictable results. I noticed they said it could communicate up to 5 miles. That means it is the theoretical maximum distance. Cell phones don’t advertise a range of “up to 5 miles”. They can be reached anywhere there is coverage. I don’t think it will work well in real life applications leaving a list of very unhappy customers. The Boomerang size allows for adequate antenna size and performance. Plus, the location design allows for good access to the GPS satellite and cellular base stations.” –Rahul, C., Cellular Communications Engineer