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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my CycloTrac in the seat post?
No, the technology would not work in a seat post due to the material of the seat post and frame.
The device is mounted under that water bottle cage. We are trying to “prevent” bike theft and
a visible GPS device is a deterrent according to both the San Diego Police and the BART Police.

How do I charge my CycloTrac?
Boomerang products use a standard USB cable, compatible with most smartphone chargers.
Simply plug it in and wait 4-6 hours.

What’s the expected battery life?
The CycloTrac has two battery modes: active and sleep. When moving, gathering data, and sending it to the cloud, the battery life can last the full length of a 10 hour ride. In sleep mode, the battery could last three to four months. For the average user, it is recommended to charge your CycloTrac at least once a week.

How long does it take to fully charge?
The CycloTrac is fully charged and ready to go in 4-6 hours.

How do I mount my CycloTrac?
The CycloTrac mounts on the frame using the threaded inserts for the water bottle cage.
We provide special, tamper proof screws and screw driver bit that will allow you to safely and securely install and hold both the device and your water bottle cage to your frame. CycloTrac can be mounted with or without a bottle cage.

How do you mount it?
CycloTrac mounts on the frame using the inserts for the water bottle cage. We provide special tamper proof hardware that will hold both the device and your water bottle cage.

Why Do You Need A Boomerang?
Want to know that your bike is safe and secure, no matter where you leave it?

Want to make sure your kids stay in a safe area while they cycle?

Want detailed metrics about your ride including calories burned, gas
money saved, and training goals met?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your bike enthusiast nephew leaving for college?

Want to know where you loved one is at any moment when they go out on that long ride?