Arm It.

Download app. Arm Boomerang whenever you park your bike.
At school, on the street, car rack or garage


Get Alert!

Get text + app alerts whenever your bike is tampered with.


Find It.

GPS tracks your stolen bike on smart
phones, tablets & desktop


Track It All.

Boomerang app tracks all trip data, remote bike speed, device temp, battery, signal level, exact location and serial number.

What’s in a CycloTrac App?

Boomerang’s CycloTrac is a highly sophisticated system with four key components: the
Device, the Cloud, the App, and the Dashboard. The CycloTrac device goes on the bike,
where it transmits data to a server in the Cloud, which displays that data in the App on your
phone and on the Dashboard you can view on your computer.

Press Arrow for specific bike

Press to set Alarm

and begin your ride

Instantly locate

Select the specific ride data

Press find bike

Desktop/Tablet/Laptop Dashboard

Get a better view and more access to tracking, ride performance and even heat maps.


Access your dashboard using the link at the top of the Boomerang homepage. Use your Boomerang password to get into the Main Dashboard showing bike locations, ride duration and performance, money saved, carbon offset, total miles ridden, message log and last trip. Leftside navigation gets you to more analytics.


Heat maps gives you a visual pattern of where you ride most.


Bike Inventory contains important data: Serial number, battery and signal level, exact location device temp, remote bike speed, recent trips data and more.

How It Works

The device has a GPS chip, and a Cellular radio plus a TI CPU and other sensors.

The GPS and sensors collect data and the Cellular radio sends it to the Cloud. The majority of the data processing is done on the server in the cloud. Once the incoming data has been analyzed and organized, it is sent and displayed on the App and the Dashboard.

We have designed the system to provide the bike owner with notifications through text message and email. If the bike is armed and someone moves it, the owner gets a message.

There are two ways to monitor your bike. You can set the alarm and if your bike is disturbed you receive a message. Or you can just watch your bike on the App or dashboard and you will see if it moves.

Remember, the audible alarm will only be triggered if the CycloTrac has been armed via the app. If not, the GPS will still function, but the audible alarm will not go off and the owner will not be alerted when the bike is moved.

We plan to add more features and trackable metrics on a regular basis.

Please check for updates. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]