Project 529

Over the last several months I got to know the people and organization of Project 529. I was very impressed by what I learned.
This organization is focused on protecting bikes from theft and recovering those bikes that do get stolen. They have a network of 400,000 cyclists and over 400 police departments who can be notified if a bike in their area is stolen. We are recommending that all of our customers and all bike owners register their bike with Project 529. We are also selling their shield on our website. Here is the link:

Is Bike Theft Inevitable?

Boomerang Says No! But lets examine how and who will stop by theft.   The bike manufacturers are not spending any money on anti-theft technology. Some bike manufacturers think their sales go up due to bike theft. Lock manufacturers are committed to more steel and heavier locks. Boomerang is investing in communication technology to allow the…

Pedalfest 2016

Pedalfest 2016 Bikes one story tall, metal Piranha bikes, a CD domed karaoke bike and a bike powered rock concert were all part of the heavily attended 2016 PedalFest at Jack London Square. Also part of the scene was the Boomerang Bike booth. Many people were drawn to the main “End Bike Theft” message and were…